Isn’t it time you put yourself first?

You insure your car, your pet, your holiday and your mobile phone, but what about the most important of all – yourself?

A recent survey showed that more people had their pets insured than had critical illness cover. Vet bills can be expensive and pets are part of the family but a critical illness policy could cost the same each month as pet insurance so shouldn’t you think about your whole family?

Critical illness cover will pay out a tax-free lump sum if you suffer from a serious illness such as cancer, heart attack, stroke or multiple sclerosis. Conditions covered will vary from one policy to another so you should review your cover on a regular basis to ensure you still have the best policy for your circumstances.

One area that most critical illness policies have in common is the inclusion of children’s critical illness cover at no extra cost – up to £25,000 (or up to £50,000 if both parents have a policy) if any of your children suffer from a critical illness.

Having the right cover in place would allow you to take time off work without worrying about money and pay for treatment, recuperation or adaptations to your home. Critical illness insurance should not be confused with terminal illness cover, which is included with most life insurance policies.

Sometimes new clients tell me they don’t have cover because they don’t think that life insurance companies want to pay out on claims. Another recent survey showed that the public thought just 38% of life, income protection and critical illness claims are paid out each year. In reality, over 90% of claims are paid out across the three types of insurance. Critical illness polices are continually improving to cover more and more conditions and to make it harder for non-disclosure to occur – when a client gives inaccurate information that causes a claim to be declined.

The reality is that people do get seriously ill and the right insurance cover can make all the difference, so the next time you are thinking about renewing your pet insurance just make sure you have yourself covered too.

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